Entrance Examinations

In FY2023, entrance examinations will be held in August and February.
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What SOKENDAI Expect of Our Graduate Students

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI, seeks students who have a strong interest in research, who constantly hone their abundant intellect and sensitivity with the aim of conducting research that will open up a new era, while taking a «bird’s-eye view» of the entire field of study, and who have the will and enthusiasm to be active on the international stage.

Basic Policy for the Selection of Our Graduate Dtudents

In selecting students for admission, SOKENDAI places importance on basic academic ability and logical thinking ability to actively promote research in the cutting-edge 20 research institutes affiliated to SOKENDAI. In order to properly judge such abilities, various selections will be made according to the respective fields of specialization.

The Program Aims at the Doctoral Image

In order to foster individuals who can independently conduct outstanding research and contribute to society with a high level of expertise in either the field of biological evolution or the field of science and society.

Contents of Study in the Program

We offer programs where students can acquire the capability to conduct internationally accepted research and acquire the skills to present and discuss that research, and lead with their expertise. At the same time, we offer programs that aim to cultivate individuals who have a broad perspective on scientific research, understand the relationship between science and society, and have a high awareness of research ethics.

Course model

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Doctor of philosophy