Student Support

Financial Support

Integrative Evolutionary Science Program Research Assistant (RA)

This support is designed to encourage outstanding students to participate in educational and research projects conducted at the Hayama Campus as research assistants to promote effective educational and research activities and to cultivate the ability to conduct research as emerging scholars.

Employment Status

Upon appointment, the RA will work as a part-time employee of SOKENDAI for a maximum of 7 hours per day, not exceeding 20 hours per week.

In the Integrative Evolutionary Science Program, the upper limit is 335 hours per year at 1,600 yen per hour in FY2023, with the intention to provide students with financial support equivalent to the annual tuition fee to ensure that it does not hinder their academic pursuits.

Student Mobility Support in the Integrative Evolutionary Science Program

The purpose of the student mobility support in the Integrative Evolutionary Science Program is to provide students with advanced specialized knowledge and abilities that will enable them to play a leading role internationally and to foster researchers with broad perspectives and advanced research capabilities that can be harnessed both domestically and internationally.

・The "Request for Travel Expenses for Participation in Official Activities (Appendix 1)" can be found here.
・The "Course Report (Appendix 2)" can be found here.

Research Activities Eligible for Supports

・Support for Domestic Travel Expenses
(1) When attending classes or undergoing practical training outside the Hayama Campus during the course of this program or when it is necessary to conduct research activities for doctoral dissertation research.
(2) When presenting the results of a student’s own research at academic conferences or international conferences held in Japan.
(3) When a student’s own research is expected to make significant progress using experimental facilities individually or collaboratively in core institutions

*For the fiscal year 2023, the limit is 100,000 yen per year per student.

・Overseas Travel Expenses Support
(1) When presenting the results of a student’s own research at academic or international conferences held in a foreign country.
(2) When conducting research activities or collecting materials necessary for studies including doctoral dissertation research at a research institution in a foreign country.

*Based on the recommendation of the principal advisor, support will be determined through a selection process by a panel of faculty members in this program. For the fiscal year 2023, we plan to support six students, with a support limit of 250,000 yen per person.
*Students should apply for the SOKENDAI Student Dispatch Program first, and support will be provided by the program for shortfalls or rejections.

Inquiry Counter

The Integrative Evolutionary Science Program provides counseling and consultation services to support students who experience difficulties in various day-to-day issues, such as academics, research, career paths, and personal relations.
The counter will respond appropriately, while strictly adhering to the privacy of the individual. Please use this service based on the content and circumstances of your consultation.

I) All Matters Related to Student Life

If you are unsure about who to contact, please first reach out to:

Integrated Evolutionary Science Research Center Office
Email: hayamajimu[at]
Tel: +81-46-858-1595


Student Affairs Office
Email: gakusei[at]
Tel: +81-46-858-1525

II) Student Life Counselor

●Academic advisors provide comprehensive support for students, from guidance and advice on study plans and career paths to emotional support by discussing daily anxieties and concerns.
They offer assistance in both the academic and personal aspects of student life.

Academic Advisors

Mitsuyo Kinoshita, Associate Professor, Room 114, Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science Building
(E-mail: kinoshita_michiyo[at]
Yohey Terai, Associate Professor Room 301A, Center for Integrated Evolutionary Science
(E-mail: terai_yohei[at]

●Consultation about Harassment
Anyone can potentially be a related party of harassment or unintentionally engage in harassing behaviors.
If you encounter a situation in which you suspect harassment, please do not hesitate to seek guidance and assistance rather than confronting it alone.


Mitsuyo Kinoshita, Associate Professor, Room 114, Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science Building
(E-mail: kinoshita_michiyo[at]
Kaori Iida, Associate Professor, Room 201, Library Building
(E-mail: iida_kaori[at]
Hisashi Ohtsuki, Associate Professor Room 202, Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science Building
(E-mail: ohtsuki_hisashi[at]

The Hayama Campus also has a Harassment Counselor and a Harassment Council organized by faculty and staff. For details, please contact the Administration Office of the Research Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science or the Student Affairs Section.

III) Mental health

At the Hayama Campus, a counseling service is available once a month for approximately 3 hours.
The Student Affairs Section will inform you of the date, time, and location of the counseling session via e-mail.
(As a rule, this counseling service is closed in August and March.)

IV) Consultation Service

This consultation service is for any educational issue directly connected to the director-in-charge and outside experts.
Outside experts will respond and endeavor to resolve your issues.
This consultation service is available at any time of the year. (E-mail: gakusei_consult[at]

Other Supports

Please check the official website of the university for information regarding additional support services available for the Integrated Evolutionary Science and for the university as a whole.
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