About the program

Message from the Chair

Head of the Pioneer Science Research Division Nobuyuki Kutsukake

Chair of the program

Nobuyuki Kutsukake

What fuels our research? It is because we want to know more, because we are genuinely interested, because curiosity drives us, because we are on a mission to crack unsolved problems, and because we dream of making groundbreaking discoveries. Although the driving forces are different for everyone, we all share the same passion for research. Research is hard work, and often, it does not proceed as smoothly as planned and desired, with outcomes that may not align with our expectations. Nevertheless, we continue with our work, driven by the passion for the subjects and themes we study, as well as the routine that characterizes the work of a researcher. Lately, I have been pondering upon this aspect.

“Integrative Evolutionary Science” is a new course that was introduced in 2023 at the Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems, formerly known as the Institute of the Integrative Evolutionary Science Program. Numerous individuals have earned their PhDs from this prestigious institute. A graduate-level degree will be offered for this new course, providing education in a pioneering direction rooted in the founding principles of the Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems. I look forward to working with students who harbor a profound enthusiasm for evolution, science, and their societal implications..

Nobuyuki Kutsukake

Course Overview

A New Outlook on Life and the Future

In order to foster individuals who can independently conduct outstanding research and contribute to society with a high level of expertise in either the field of biological evolution or the field of science and society, we offer programs where students can acquire the capability to conduct internationally accepted research and acquire the skills to present and discuss that research, and lead with their expertise. At the same time, we offer programs that aim to cultivate individuals who have a broad perspective on scientific research, understand the relationship between science and society, and have a high awareness of research ethics.


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2023 Brocher of Integrated Evolutionary Science
2023 Brocher of Integrated Evolutionary Science (Small size)

Faculty List

Kaori Iida

Kaori IidaAssociate professor

Naoki Irie

Naoki IrieProfessor

Hideki Inami

Hideki InnanProfessor

Tatsuya Ota

Tatsuya OtaAssociate Professor

Hisashi Ohtsuki

Hisashi OhtsukiAssociate Professor

Yukinori Onishi

Yukinori OnishiLecturer

Michiyo Kinoshita

Michiyo KinoshitaAssociate Professor

Nobuyuki Kutsukake

Nobuyuki KutsukakeProfessor

Jun Gojobori

Jun GojoboriLecturer

Akira Sasaki

Akira SasakiProfessor

Yoko Satta

Yoko SattaProfessor

Hideyuki Tanabe

Hideyuki TanabeAssociate Professor

Takumi Tsutaya

Takumi TsutayaAssistant Professor

Yohey Terai

Yohey TeraiAssociate Professor

Hitomi Hongou

Hitomi HongoAssociate Professor

Takayuki Watanabe

Takayuki WatanabeAssistant Professor

Yuuki Watanabe

Yuuki WatanabeProfessor

Academic Supporting Office

Atsuko Matsushita

Atsuko Matsushita Chair, Lecturer