List of the Past Titles: Doctoral Thesis and Subthesis

Doctoral Thesis (Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems)




Our program is divided into two areas of concentration: Life Science and Science and Technology Studies (STS). To cultivate a broad perspective, students are required to submit a sub-thesis using approximately 10% of their efforts, on a topic different from their area of concentration, as a prerequisite for earning a doctoral degree. Specifically, students in the STS field are required to write a sub-thesis on a life science theme, and students in the life science field are required to write a sub-thesis on an STS theme.
For information on accessing the past sub-thesis, please contact the library of The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (+81-46-858-1528).
Availability varies depending on the thesis and can be accessed only in the library.

2023 Fiscal Year

Collaborations of Researchers from Various Nations Unveil a Structure of a Researcher Community in Ecology
The Influence of science education at Tokyo Women's Higher Normal School on female biologists: Focusing on Tomotaro Iwakawa's biology courses
Ethical justification for research conducted on animals in captivity, and issues related to science and society discussed at the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

2022 Fiscal Year

Ethical issues in using human remains from archaeological sites—with a focus on the United States and Japan
Does Altmetrics Accurately Capture the Impact on Japanese Social Media?
Identifying Issues for Wildlife Feeding Management in Urban Parks—Discrepancy between Citizen Motivation for Feeding and Professional Assumptions
Museum Exhibitions and the Whaling Issue
Ethical Examination of Mandatory Vaccination

2021 Fiscal Year

Evaluation of resource allocation strategies to scientific research from the perspective of division of cognitive labor (Published Paper)
Science, technology, and LGBT+

2020 Fiscal Year

Interactions between Local Residents and Researchers in the Natural Conservation of Chiba Newtown 21 Residential District
The change in the concept of ‘individuality’ in the Anthropocene epoch

2019 Fiscal Year

Academic Research at Japanese Zoos
The Evolutionary Theory and Thought in the Meiji Era (Published Paper)
Literacy in a Society with Widespread Use of Genetic Testing—What knowledge does the general public need?
Collection of Expertise by Judges in Specialized Administrative Litigation

2017 Fiscal Year

Environmental ethics: Toward a non-dichotomous treatment.

2016 Fiscal Year

The Relationship between Education, Research Activities, and Social Backgrounds in the Changing Descriptions of the "Japanese People": 1950s-2000s: Analysis of four major high school history textbooks
Eugenics and Japanese geneticists after World War II—based on an analysis of the Japanese magazine “Iden” in the 1940s and 1950s
The Nawa Insect Museum and society: An analysis of its history and elementary-school science textbooks (Published Paper)
“Disability" from the Perspective of Disability Studies and Evolutionary Studies: Implications from Model Classification of Disability Concepts
A Frame Analysis of the Difficulty in Finding a Position for a Doctor of Science in Japan: A Social Dilemma among Actors
Changes in Japan's National Biodiversity Strategy and Scientific Aspects (Published Paper)
A Survey of "Science and Society" Attitudes of Graduate Students in the Natural Sciences: The Influence of Different Research Styles on the Way They Engage with Society
A Qualitative Analysis of Interactive Communication in Mathematics Journalists-in-Residence
What Fieldworkers Don't Want You to Know: Interests Between Ornithologists and Study Site Residents
Challenges and attempts in saving a critically endangered species in Indonesia: A case study of the Bali mynah.
Conservation of the Magellan Birdwing butterfly and traditional culture through ecotourism on Orchid Island.

2015 Fiscal Year

Historical treatments of female scientists’ achievements and the implications in the current society: a case study of Jean Clark Dan

2014 Fiscal Year

Current Status and Issues of “Nature Experience Activities” [outdoor educational programs] in Japan
The Involvement of Researchers in Managing the Damages Caused by Monkeys: The Shimokita Peninsula as an Example
The Pseudoscience Problem in Evolutionary Biology
The relationship between evolutionary studies of human behavior and society: with reference to the sociobiology debate(Published Paper)
Consideration of the future of science education based on the historical transformation of science education

2013 Fiscal Year

Evolutionary Theory of Sex Ratio and its Application to Humans: An Examination of Birth Sex Ratio Using Statistical Data from Contemporary Japan (Life Sciences)
The Dilemma of Development and Nature Conservation in the Case of Yakushima
Current status of career paths and awareness of doctoral program students in Japan
The Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition and Asahi Shimbun (Published paer)
Relative Growth of Science in Terms of Royalties Between 1960-2010: Implications and Way Forward for Africa.
Social acceptance of nanomaterials in cosmetics
Science and Society through the Relationship between Research Facilities and Local Residents: The Case of SOKENDAI Hayama Campus
What is Black Athleticism?

2012 Fiscal Year

Can DTC genetic testing foster genetic determinism?
The Role of Science Art in Society - Through the Case of Eduardo Kac's Genetically Modified Artwork (Published paer)
The Animal Rights Movement and the Direction of Animal Testing Regulations in Japan
The History and Changing Role of Zoos: What Scientists Can Do for Zoos in the Future
Practice of Science Communication Using Visual Anthropological Methods

2011 Fiscal Year

Employment issues for doctoral graduates
Current Trends and Future Issues in Conservation Ecology Research in Japan(Published paer)
Survey of attitudes toward infectious diseases in animals among elementary school students
Research on inter-group conflict in social animals using a war of attrition model (Life science)
Problems in the penetration of new technologies into society as seen in the GMO/food controversy
The State of Science TV Programs: An Analysis of NHK's "Otoko to Onna" (Men and Women)(Published paer)

2010 Fiscal Year

Repatriation and reburial of human skeletal remains: Britain and Tasmanian Aborigines.
University-Launched Bio-ventures: Challenges and Proposals: Necessary Roles for Universities and Scientists in "Biotechnology Creation"
Genetic Diagnosis Using Genome Information